Misia-O' Presents "Trans-it-I-on" at Gallery 1885, The Camera Club

"Victoria" by Misia-O'/ Copyright Misia-O'



Trans: transformation, transcendence, trans
It: How to define ‘it’? what is transgenderism?
I: I am multiple, You are multiple
on: ‘we’ in French -each have both female and male qualities

After a successful opening on 24th November at Galerie 18, Atelier des Abbesses gallery in Montmartre, Paris, followed by an exhibition at the Lucky Bastard in the Marais district of Paris, Misia-O’ will bring Trans-it-I-on, an exhibition exploring transgenderism and gender, to Gallery 1885 at London’s Camera Club Gallery in January 2017.

Part 1 of the exhibition series in Paris “What is Gender” looks at gender and its definition; Part 2 in London examines the role of transgender people in Western societies. After London the exhibition will move to the USA for Part 3 of the series, where Misia- O’ will examine transgenderism versus transexuality. There are also plans to exhibit Trans-it-I-on at Les rencontres d’Arles in July 2017, combining subjects addressed in Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. The series of exhibitions will offer a rare and intimate look into the beauty of transition and transgender people in western societies.

Misia-O's mission is to use the medium of photography as a means of voicing and confronting social, political and gender-sensitive issues affecting minority groups: Trans-it-I-on is the first exhibition from Misia-O’, and features members of the Transgender communities in Paris, London and New York. Trans-it-i-on aims to offer an insight into the lives of transgender men and women, and the London exhibition will include portraits of Transgender people in the set up or uniform of their everyday jobs, fully integrated into society.

Trans-it-I-on also explores traditional notions of beauty and gender, which are gradually being deconstructed and re-examined in today’s society, with many Millennials talking about being gender neutral and having a more fluid attitude towards gender and sexuality. Fashion houses now feature transgender models on the catwalk, and designer Ricardo Tisci’s muse, transgender model Lea T, has feature on Givenchy’s runways and editorial campaigns.

Misia-O’ explains the concept of Trans-it-I-on: “Male to female...female to male...reborn while still retaining the depth of the journey. A journey that many in society have yet to understand. This project aims to humbly pay tribute to those who have transcended their gender. Born in the wrong body and broken through a ‘consigned’ gender imposed on them at birth, to embrace their true selves.”

The London exhibition features a series of limited edition C-Type prints on Fuji matt paper, shot using Canon 5D and 7D, handheld and on a tripod. Mainly monochrome, the images have an ethereal, mystical aesthetic, which captures the essence and transition of each trans who sat for Misia-O’. 

The exhibition 'Trans-it-i-on' runs from 20 January to 10 February at The Camera Club, London.  For further information go to: